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I'm a young cross-over disciplines designer, freelancing on interior, exhibition, product and communication design projects.  Explorer and curious, I apply my skills in professional and academic environment. My most significant traits: unfold stories, create fruitful links, facilitate processes, communicate ideologies, resonate with people. 

Working experience

2017 - today   -   Design Consultant                               

Clients: Unicredit S.p.A on behalf of Digital Entity (a design studio of NTT Data)


2015 - today   -    Founder & Designer @Dotpunkt Design Srl
Design consultancy startup bridging project opportunities between W & E Europe.      


2015 - 2017   -    Project Manager @IED Special Projects                                    
Establishing collaborative relations, scheduling and design project unfolding.                         Clients: Bacardi Martini, Red Bull Italy, SONAE Portugal, Acquario du Porte Dorèe Paris.


2014 - 2015   -   Exhibition Designer @N!03 Studio

Part of a multidisciplinary team designing narrative exhibit environments. Involved in all the phases of the process, from ideation to managing site construction.                                       Clients: Elle Decor Italy (Milan/Rome edition 2014),  Renato Zero (Rome edition 2014).


2010 - 2015   -   Freelance Product Designer

Clients: Crodino (2015),  La Perla (2014), Viscom (2011), Eridania (2009), Henkel (2007)


2013 - 2015 -    Design Lead / Research Supervisor @IED Research Center / Didactics

Guiding IED teams in developing interior & product design solutions by leveraging innovative technologies. Designed the exhibition communication.                
Clients: Material ConneXion (2012), Tecnargilla/ACIMAC (2013), Cosentino Spain (2014). 


2012 - 2013   -   Showroom/Exhibition Designer
In charge with client liasing, design and project realisation for interior & exhibition design projects. Ideated & followed showroom communication strategies.


2012  -  Setsu Ito Studio  -   Design Intern

2010-  F. Raggi Studio  -   Design Intern

Projects & Awards

2017 - WIRED "Future of Work" ASI Report, Berlin

2016 - Tecnargilla Best Innovation Design Project (won by Student Guglielmo Urso, IED Strategy Master)

2016 Art, Mode, Design - Acquarium of Paris

2015 Williams Martini Racing & IED

2014/2015 ZERO La Mostra,  Rome, N!03

2014 100% Original Design, Elle Decor, Milan, N!03

2014 100% Original Design, Elle Decor, Rome, N!03

2014 Rispecchiati, Milan, La Perla


2014 Tecnargilla, Milan/Rimini, ACIMAC & IED

2013 Designers & Businesses, Material Connexion

2012 DeCo, Milan, Regione Lombardia/Interni

2010 Eliss Sustainable System, Milan, Alstom & IED

2008 Eridania sugar design, Eridania & CRIED

2007 Freebie, Art Design Award, Romania, Henkel


For further details please download my online CV and Portfolio (soon online).

email: dianalarisar@gmail.com

linkedin: https://it.linkedin.com/in/diana-rosioru-30863628