Hi!  And thanks for dropping by!

I am a cross-over disciplines designer, graduated in 2010 in Industrial Design at IED European Institute of Design in Milan, currently involved in developing narrative environments for N!03 studio, while proceeding with freelance researches andcoordinating projects at IED Research Centre.

What is the connection between all my projects?

The passion for technology and handcrafts in all it’s various forms, from a research perspective investigating it’s physical and commercial potential, to it's future applications and capacity to shape sensations and experiences.

I have inherited an increasing passion for social businesses, trying to convey collective value in order to empower disadvantaged groups of people.

I am greedy for more and I am sure I just had a small taste of all that is possibly realizable. I am eagerly looking for opportunities to emerge myself in a natural habitat where ideas collide and create. 

My most significant characteristics: creating links, making sense of data, resonating with people. 


2017 - WIRED "Future of Work" ASI Trend Report, Berlin

2016 - Tecnargilla Best Innovation Design Project (won by Participant & Student Guglielmo Urso, IED Strategy Master)

2016 Art, Mode, Design - Acquarium of Paris

2015 Williams Martini Racing - IED@Terrazza Martini

2014/2015 ZERO La Mostra,  Rome, N!03

2014 100% Original Design, Elle Decor, Milan, N!03

2014 100% Original Design, Elle Decor, Rome, N!03

2014 Rispecchiati, Milan, La Perla

2014 Tecnargilla, Milan/Rimini, ACIMAC & IED

2013 Designers & Businesses, Material Connexion

2012 DeCo, Milan, Regione Lombardia/Interni

2010 Eliss Sustainable System, Milan, Alstom & IED

2008 Eridania sugar design, Eridania & CRIED

2007 Freebie, Art Design Award, Romania, Henkel